Christopher Johnson and the series Longmire.

This past week I had the pleasure to meet a wonderful gentleman named Christopher Johnson. He is not only a fan of the series Longmire, but a fan of mine as well. I had the opportunity to assist in procuring him a BG role on the final shoot week of Longmire this week past. I met with Christopher the day before his shoot and found him to be a wonderful person, and I am happy to now call him friend.

Chris drove all the way from Missouri just to have the chance to be on his favorite series, and I was happy to assist. An unfortunate circumstance arose and Chris' second scene was pushed to this week. He was promised an appearance in both scenes by the assistant BG Casting Director. It was unfortunate that the second scene was pushed back to a time when Chris would be back in Missouri, but this is the nature of the business. It was very frustrating though for the false promises of the assistant who several times canceled and rescheduled Chris' role to the whim of his emotions.

I wish to give a thank you to David with the Longmire production staff and a big thank you to Robert Taylor who plays the character of Longmire. David sought out Robert to meet with Chris for a photo. Chris was delighted and I personally am very appreciative to Robert Tayler and David for their appreciation of such a devoted Fan. Through all my experiences with the Longmire Fans, who have extended their Fan fare to me, I have discovered that they are the most wonderful and devoted folks in my Fan base. Thank you to Robert Taylor again as well as Longmire Posse, Official Fan Site. Without you, I would not have some of these wonderful people following me.

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Longmire, Robert Taylor, Danny Winn, Christpher Johnson

Robert Taylor and Chris Myself and Chris above and Chris below.

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