"Dead Silent" ShinDig this past November.

Thank you to Jessica Fox Thigpen, the Casting Director for ID Channels series "Dead Silent", for throwing a wonderful get together for the "Dead Silent" cast. It was so great to be back in Atlanta and visit with my cast members from our episode 2 of season 1. I had the pleasure of meeting the new member agent of Kathleen Schultz SE, Linda. Linda handles my agency needs in Atlanta, the South East region, Mid Atlantic region and more. It was a pleasure to meet Linda in person. The pleasure was all mine to see Kathleen Schultz again who flew in from LA. Kathleen has been a Los Angeles agent for 20 some odd years and opened Atlanta a few years back. I had not seen Kathleen since I signed with her agencies this past February. Enloy some photo's of myself and the cast members. Cheers!!

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