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Tree Secrets

 Tree Secrets - Pitch Reel


Two generations of a special family, threatened by evil but touched by magic, must save each other as the mysteries of the past and present collide within a secret and fantastic world held captive by the curses of an evil sorceress.



A fantasy-adventure tale that explores the bonds of family, and the magic that can touch lives generations apart, Tree Secrets blends an involving, character-driven dramatic narrative with an epic of heightened reality, an original vision of a parallel universe full of visual spectacle into which the heroes are thrust… a magical place that parallels their own enchanted family heritage in the “real world.” The Realm of Lineal Pastures and the Ancestral Gardens are where all family trees are kept.  The memories and genealogy of every family is fiercely guarded by a variety of mystical creatures.

As the main characters dig deeper into discovering the importance of their lineage, they uncover a magical plain, the Realm of Lineal Pastures, a place between what is and what may be, a place that flourishes with continuing wonder the more they discover about themselves. As theses parallel worlds come close to collision, the quest against evil prevails only with the help and love of family…both past and present.

In the vein of classic and visionary fantasies such as Labyrinth, The Neverending Story, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Tree Secrets is a family adventure for the ages.

Top Billed Cast 

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 Danny Winn



Richard Riehle


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Quinn Lord

Supporting Cast

Sadie Katz


Lainee Rhodes


Tatiana Larrea


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Roy Ward



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Alexa Palino


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Abbie Rose



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    Danny Winn

Executive Producer


   Maria Harrison




Rafael F. Viedma


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